Where your dog is treated like family at our home, which is on 2 ½ acres, completely fenced in. Veteran owned.

Boarding is available everyday of the week.

Daycare is available Monday - Thursday.

Home-Style Boarding + Doggy Daycare


Drop off and pickup organization: 

Monday - Thursday:
7:15am- 11am | 3:30pm- 5:45pm
(Daycare or boarding)

Friday - Saturday:
7:15am- 10am | 5pm- 6pm
(Boarding only)

 10am-11am | 5pm- 6pm
(Boarding only)

Please let me know via text when you drive up to the outside gate, and I will come to you to handoff your pooch! When I know what time you’re coming, I can make sure the other dogs are inside so that no one gets jumped on (they understandably get very excited when new friends arrive!). Also your dog can get in the gate, and others don’t get out!

If you can, please book online via this page by clicking “Book Now”. It’s a very fast process where you can pick your days and times, and purchase daycare packages at a discount. 

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Meet Ashley, owner and founder of Ashley’s Bed ‘n’ Biscuits. Ashley was born with an obsessive love for animals. She always knew she wanted to work with them, specifically dogs.